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DDN Phutura – Piazza Castello

DDN Phutura is an exhibition dedicated to the contemporary and modern living, in order to let everyone experiment the ‘best possible future”. The event will take place, during Design Week, in the area around Castello Sforzesco, from Piazza Castello, through via Beltrami, until Piazza Caroli: a 6,000 mq path in between many spectacular installations, that will let the public discover in a digital and immersive way the new solutions to facilitate the relationships between human beings and the environment.

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DDN Phutura is the exhibition dedicated to for living and contemporary living solutions.

DDN Phutura will take place, during the Design Week, in the area next to the Castello Sforzesco, from Piazza Castello, to via Beltrami, up to Piazza Cairoli: a path that will wind for about 6,000 square meters, surrounded by amazing and immersive installations, to tell the relationship between the human being and the environment, using technology in the best possible way.

The entrance to DDN Phutura, starting from via Beltrami, is represented by two greenhouses: large and bright spaces, places for comparison where visitors can attend conferences, debates and meetings dedicated to the culture of design.

At sunset, the two ‘Fenice’ greenhouses, created by Privitera, will be animated by lights and artistic performances. In addition, a laser beam will accompany guests to night entertainment shows taking place on Piazza del Cannone.

The open-air exhibition path continues with Metamorphosis’s Experience: a multisensory installation based on the virtuous model of the circular economy.

An immersive and interactive journey that develops in four areas and that will allow visitors to discover the production cycle, from post-consumer waste wood, to the end product.

The innovative project that represents the best solutions, current and future, of contemporary living is realized by Saviola Holding in collaboration with Studio Garbugli Design.

DDN Phutura explores the trends of eco-sustainable living such as Glamping: a new lifestyle in the open air that combines camping and glamor, green and luxury, nowadays more and more popular. A campsite that offers the same comforts of a hotel room, where nature meets eco-sustainable luxury, expressed through two housing models created by CrippaConcept.

Queenslander, designed by Luca Colombo, is the luxury mobile home evoking the essential and elegant interiors of yachts or nautical clubs, from noble woods, to precious and natural ecru cottons. 
Sustainability has been the focus in the choice of materials: a distinctive element is the roof, on which a green lawn extends, which guarantees internal thermal balance and ensures reduced use of heating and cooling.

A-Luxury Lodge, designed by Roberto Perego, is the exclusive glamping tent on two floors, equipped with kitchen, living room, bedroom and a private bathroom on the ground floor, as well as a second bedroom upstairs. The living area, in particular, guarantees an open space towards the surrounding space thanks to a double front curtain, completely openable, which guarantees a seamless relationship with the outside space. A solution inspired by the American holiday homes A-Frame, very widespread in the ’50s and’ 70s that in this version combines refined design choices with sustainable materials.

Another furnishing element on Piazza Castello, the historic city center embracing the Castello Sforzesco, will be the E-LOUNGE, the Repower benches designed by Lanzillo & Partners, which offer a charging service for pedal-assisted bicycles and devices of every kind, and comfortably browsing at the hotspot. This is how E-LOUNGE, which has just won the German Design Award, expresses the metropolitan potential of living spaces in a new way, from free time to smart working, offering guests intelligent stops.

Phutura is an event powered by DDN, Killer Kiccen and Unconventional Events. The latter two actually will take care of Phutura Sound, an entertainment program that will enliven Piazza del Cannone every night with food trucks and non-stop shows.
 Dj sets, concerts and artistic performances will alternate on a stage whose design recalls the Teatro Burri, with 8 meter- high wings where images inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci will flow.